Judi Swinks began exploring her talent for photography 17 years ago in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. She has continued to evolve and grow as a photographer ever since, and her love of photography has only deepened. Hoping to escape the southern humidity, she moved to California in 1991, seeking a milder climate and a new adventure.

Judi takes her inspiration from the beauty found in everyday objects. This inspiration combined with years of experience allows her to bring a fresh, unique and informed perspective to everything she photographs. After several years of shooting table top and fashion stills for various clients throughout the Bay Area, Judi has turned her camera to one of her first loves – food.

As someone with a passion for cooking and fresh ingredients, it was a natural fit. For the past seven years, she has been working on projects ranging from food packaging and Web images to menus and advertising. From her daylight studio in the hills overlooking Oakland, Judi shoots digitally and offers a fully equipped kitchen. And yes, she does taste everything she shoots.